5 Tips to Instantly Master Your Eating and Energy (or How to Become an Energizer)

What's the fastest way you can Gain Energy and Lose Weight? Become an Energizer. I'm a little disappointed that "The Bunny" got to the name before I did, but the concept is the same. As I prepare myself and my clients for our 2006 successes, the area of ​​Eating and Energy Mastery continues to show up as VERY IMPORTANT. Below I'll share with you 5 tips for your Eating and Energy and how to become an ENERGIZER but first, we need to address three common issues that come up for every energy-seeker I know.

"Your energy zone is equal to your comfort zone."

One of the laws of energy is that if you stretch, take risks and be bold in your life
your energy will increase. Why? Because doing what you have always done will get
you more of what you've got. Are you with me? No? Ok, let me share with you a
personal "moment" …

My biggest personal breakthrough with my eating and energy was when I first
started changing my food. I was overweight, overworked and overwhelmed, but I.
did not focus on the overweight first. I wanted to FEEL better. So that is what I set out
to do and I was willing to do ANYTHING to make that happen. Guess what? The
weight came off, too – but I was not focusing on that. I was just feeling so much

To reach my eating and energy goals, I had to stretch beyond my comfort zone and
play REALLY big. By being willing to do things differently (including what I ate, how I
ate ..,) I found myself 20+ pounds lighter at the end of one summer and 5 years
later in a whole new career and way of being.

Going beyond my comfort zone also put me in a place to help my clients in new
ways so that they can catapult forward faster (and not make the mistakes I did). It is
an energy gain all the way around. It is to the perfected point where I am able to
offer streamlined, high energy coaching like the EnergyRICH Boot Camp starting in

"You attract the amount of energy that your 'container' can hold."
Many people walk around with limiting beliefs about eating and energy. So, your
energy container becomes very small, like a tiny "to-go" carton. Or worse yet, some
people's containers have lots of little holes in it and energy leaks happen all
through the day. Your energy container must be big enough to allow massive
amounts to flow easily in and out while consistently getting "refused" or else it just
stays blocked and change does not happen.

"Easy IN, easy OUT."

Unfortunately many people lose their energy because of poor accountability, lack of
systems or lack of understanding what they need to do to make a successful
change. We all have an abundance of energy available to us (it is what we are made
of), but if there is not a strong, authentic foundation it will just as easily leave you …
and fast … like by the end of the day.

Mastery is crucial to achieving YOUR RIGHT to high energy, ultimate weight
management and feeling free in your body.

It is not just about the information. It is about what you DO WITH IT. One way to
start is to model successful (be careful about how you define success, this makes a
difference) people, you begin to act and think like an ENERGIZER right away. The
magic in modeling is that you will be focused on being and doing the things that are
necessary to make the change, not just reading or talking about it.

To get started, here are 5 tips to align your mind, your habits and your behaviors
NOW with eating and energy mastery.

1. Surround yourself with others who have it (or are getting it.)

should not be brain science; how do you think you will feel if you are with someone
who complains all of the time? How about someone who feels the need to criticizeize?
Always likes to eat fast food? Smokes? Tells you "can not do it" or "It's too hard"? Like
links like … right? You adapt to the people around you … their thinking, their
beliefs and their attitudes. Energy breeds energy. If you want ENERGIZER results,
start hanging out with people who have it or are creating it. Trust me, you will feel
the difference.

2. Eat it.

No, I do not mean all of the energy drinks or other hype on
the market. I mean begin to understand how your food does or does not work for
you. How do you eat your food? Fast? Standing up over the sink? What is your food
made of? Vitamins? Chemicals? What rewards will your food create for yourself, your
family and your world? Being crystal clear about this step will make your eating and
energy mean something much bigger than just "what taste good" – it aligns your
eating and your energy with your values ​​and this can have just as strong of an effect
as calorie counting. Afterall, what you eat makes you who you are. Literally. Oh, and
more expensive does not equal better for your body. (Stay tuned for next week's "Top
Ten Foods for 2006 ")

3. Conquer your inner eating demons.

If you have lingering
issues with food, then you must resolve them in order to truly create eating and
energy freedom. I highly recommend doing the inner work to know that you deserve
to be operating at your best, all of the time. I recommend the EnergyRICH Boot
Camp Intensive to help you cut through some of the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

4. Have a system to manage it.

Energy will go where it is
directed – whether that serves you or not. Having proper systems such as blocks of
time for self-care, ways to easily prepare good food, time to give to others (not out
of obligation, but joy), ways to fuel your passion and people who support you can
make a big difference as an ENERGIZER. Stop and think about having everything you
desire, but not knowing how to manage it or, worse, still not feeling fulfilled? Not

5. Be an Energizer now.

What if you just started thinking and
behaving like an ENERGIZER would RIGHT NOW? Energizers make healthy decisions,
focus their time and enjoy a lifestyle that supports their success. Start acting as-if
you are an ENERGIZER now and attract more of that kind of success instantly. I know
it works because I've done it. You can start by participating in the FR * E Make-Over
Call on Monday January 9th – listen to others as they put themselves out there (or
be that person yourself!) to make changes with their eating and energy, NMW (No.
Matter What.

Whatever it is your dream to be an ENERGIZER in your life or not, I encourage you to
adapt the "food as fuel" mentality. You will notice instantly that you begin to feel
different. You will also attract into your life some incredible results, and people will
want to know you because you will emanate energy. How does that sound?

Source by Heather Dominick

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