Actron CP7875 – Insider's Review

Actron CP7875 is the Most Handy PocketTherm Infrared Thermometer

The size of The Actron Pocket Thermometer is very handy. On top of the device there is the infrared lazer and at the bottom is the battery compartment. It has two buttons. The large button is to see the temperature while the small button is to switch the temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

In our testing, these PocketTherm infrared thermometers measure the temperature accurately and has a quick response. When used continuously the Actron CP7875 has the ability to operate for more than thirty hours. While the most practical use of this thermometer gadget is its ability to measure surfaces temperatures of hazardous, hot, and hard to reach objects.

Actron CP7875 can measure temperature ranges from -27º to 428º F or -33º to 220º C. When buying the package it also includes a replacable battery.

After doing a lot of web research on infrared thermometers. The Actron CP7875 has relatively the lowest price and rated accurate enough (+/- 2%). There are also other Pocket Thermometers that use laser but the downside for this type of device is you must keep it in a safe place out of the reach of your children. While the Infrared Thermometer like Actron is safer.

The size of the Actron CP7875 is smaller than you may have expected which is good, the length is less than four inches. It comes with CR2032 lithium watch battery installed. It's very easy to use with auto backlight. It also has accurate measurements and display the result quickly, it can read about two or three times per second and then display the current and highest temperature. When you release the button, the display will hold the temperature until the next time you press again or It shuts off after 15 seconds.

Cons: The slight downside of The Actron CP7875 digital infrared thermometers are the 1: 1 distance-to-spot ratio. It means to measure a small place or surface you should hold the Actron really close. Others have ratios of 6: 1 to 10: 1 meaning that if you want to measure a one inch circle you can measure it from the distance of six inches (6: 1) or ten inches (10: 1). The small button to switch Farenheit to Celcius or otherwise is too small and requires a pen, fork, or other small things to push it. If you plan to stick the measurement on Celcius or Farenheit only that will be no problem.

Pros: Very small, least expensive, easy to read backlit display, intuitive one-button operation. Battery life rated 20-25 hours of use.

So my conclusion is if you need an efficient method to calculate temperature without the hassle of touching then Actron CP7875 is your best PocketTherm Infrared Thermometer. Because it utilizes infrared to help you reach the surface so you do not need to touch it. It's also a very convenient and lightweight gadget to carry in your pocket.

Source by Juandy Liem

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