Aqua Energizer

If you are interested in computer games, typically you have some interest in its history. The history of computer games is not very old. In the year 1962 Steve Russell, who was a young computer programmer from MIT made the first computer game. The first commercial video game, the Odyssey was released by Magnavox in 1972. It came programmed with 12 games.

It was the year 1976 when Fairchild released the first programmable home game console which was known as the Fairchild Video Entertainment System. He later renamed it as Channel F. Channel F used newly invented microchip for the first time so now on the video games were not limited to TTL switches. However they were Atari's "Asteroids" and "Lunar Lander" which were first two video games that got registered in the Copyright Office on June 17, 1980.

Aqua Energizer is an interesting action game made in Flash 8. There are different difficulty levels of Aqua Energizer game. This game is broadly played online and is very popular on net. A trial version is available on net that allows you to play Aqua Energizer free of cost. You should have the latest plug in to play the game. You can use the cursor keys to move Nemo around. There is always a need to remove the dirt of Nemo. For this hold down the space bar and hit an arrow key. To charge the energizers move the red energy dots or balls into the blue tube. After the energizer is charged it can be used by Nemo as a teleporter to go to the next level. Bad guys can be killed by throwing rocks on them. Killing of bad guys is indicated by big explosions. A key is needed to open the door. You score points at every new level. There must be an ample of computer space to play higher versions of Aqua Energizer.

Some more action games offered by the company are MySims Agents !, Unleash Your Inner Wizard, Wolverine Adventure Factory, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Double Damage, Potty Racers, Sky Storm, The Heist 2 etc. I am presenting an overview about some of them.

Sketch War in addition to an interesting game of Aqua Energizer is the game where you can make free cartoons and animations and share them with your friends. In the game of Jet Ski Racing you get marks to perform tricks in air. In Disc Pool you are required to pocket your discs. You will certainly enjoy this exciting pool game. There are many more sports games, puzzle games, multi player games and action games.

Source by Ankur Kumar Srivastava

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