2 Pack 3V Button Coin Cell Lithium Battery 2 Years Warranty for Watch Calculator LED Tea Light Car Key Remote DL3032 ECR2032 BR2032 Equivalent – 3 Volt (CR3032)

Brand Introduction

PKCELLĀ® was started in 1998 when Mr. Zhijiang Lee, CEO of PKCELL, set up SHENZHEN PKCELL BATTERY CO., LTD. Until now, PKCELL is well-known in Germany, UK, Australia, Brazil, Russia, USA, China and so on.

In 1997, Lee was a senior engineer working in Chinese Physics research institute. One day, he went to a small town for business trip. Unfortunately, the hotel happened to power off when he was in urgent need of writing a document at that night. Furthermore, the flashlight powered off soon. He ran across several streets but failed to find suitable battery there. Immersed in thought in darkness, Lee wondered if he could produce long-lasting batteries, it would be convenient to many people all over the world. In the second year, he quit his stable job regardless of his relatives’ and friends’ words and registered PKCELL to realize his dream and finally PKCELL has grown up year by year.

Model: CR3032 (replacement of DL3032 BR3032 ECR3032)
Voltage: 3 Volt Size: Diameter 30.0* Height 3.2mm Capacity: 500mAh
Shelf life: 2 years (not printed on battery)
CE RoHS environmentally certificated
Applications:watch, pager, PDA organizer (electronic agenda), LED tea light candles, calculator, toys and so on

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