4 x 3V Duracell Coin Cell DL2032/CR/BR2032/CR2032 Car Key Fob Remote Battery

Price: $18.53
Duracell special application batteries offer reliable, long-lasting power you’ve come to expect from Duracell. And you can be assured it’s a battery you can trust since Duracell is the #1 trusted brand of pharmacists and medical & office professionals.
Duracell with DuraLock Power PreserveTM Technology

Guaranteed for 10 years in storage.

High purity lithium

Triple corrosion protection

IEC: CR2032

3.0 Volt

Size (mm): 3 x 20 x 20

220 mAh

The Duracell 2032 battery is designed for use in:

Security devices
Fitness devices
Medical devices
Key fobs and more.