49pc Button Cell Batteries & 3V Lithium CR2032 AG1-13 Super Alkaline Watch Clock

Button cell batteries are like the unpaid interns of the electronics world. They keep virtually everything running, they’re almost never seen, but if one of them quits, you’re in real trouble. Now, like an endless pool of recent grads, this 49pc Battery Set can keep your world powered on, for next to nothing! This set includes one 40pk of small Button Cell Batteries, in 7 popular sizes, and one 9pk of 3V Lithium Batteries. If you’ve ever used a calculator, worn a watch, trimmed your nose hairs, used a laser pointer, or LED keychain – only to have it quit when you need it most – then you’ll know why this set is such a great buy. These little guys are almost impossible to find at the drug store, and there, they never come more than two to a pack! Pick up this 49pc set and power your world today.

4 – AG1-364
8 – AG3-392
4 – AG4-377
4 – AG5-398
8 – AG10-389
4 – AG12-386
8 – AG13-357
9 – 3V Lithium CR2032

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