8 Pack Beidongli CR2032 Battery 3V Lithium Battery Coin Button Cell

Price: $15.99 - $7.88
Custmer Guarantee

1.100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE–LITHIUM COIN BATTERY PACK FOR LONG-TERM CONTINUOUS POWER SUPPLY – this battery pack is a pack of 6 coin cells which have passed through product certification by CE, RoHS, and UN38.3 as well as ISO9001 quality system certification.

2. Retail packaging design is more convenient for you to use with a variety of small equipment. If you are not satisfied with our product due to quality problems, we will return all your money unconditionally. This is not just a commitment, but also the confidence and requirements for our battery.

3.8PACK CR22032 Beidongli button batteries need to go through 68 processes from raw materials to finished products, and 11 processes from finished product inspection to out of storage. We guard layer by layer, strictly control, thereby ensuring that the battery particles you use are fine.

4.The children safety packaging developed by our company can ensure both the safety of children and the stability of battery power at the same time. Each battery in the package is strictly individually sealed to ensure that children under 6 years old can not tear by the hand. So when you use the battery, please use scissors to cut off the package.

5.There are the factory date and storage deadline on the package. We make sure that the batteries sold on Amazon are the latest.

Product Specifications

Model: CR2032 — 8PACK
Nominal voltage: 3.0V
Termination voltage: 2.0V
Nominal capacity: 220mAh
Diameter: 20mm
Weight: 3.0g
Chemical system: Li / MnO2
Year self discharge: ≤2%
Storage period: 5 years or more
HIGH POWER LITHIUM 3V COIN BATTERY — Are you looking for a lithium button cell to replace the battery in your calculator or other device? 8 Beidongli CR2032 can more efficiently extend the life of your device. Getting these 8 super batteries will never disappoint you, and you’ll never have to rush to the store to buy batteries again, which means that you can forget your battery for a long time.
BATTERY PACK EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED FOR SMALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES — Beidongli CR2032 provides excellent performance for all your small electronic devices. Sealed packaging design is more convenient and safer for use. It is applicable to: remote controls, calculators, watches, key inputs, computer mainboards, pedometers, PDAs, electronic notepads, garage door openers, game consoles, toys. MP3 players, recorders, LED lights, pet collars, calorie counters, medical devices, and so on.
RETAIL PACKAGING SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN’S SAFETY — We are the only factory in China with a paper safety packaging design patent in the battery industry. Button batteries are mostly used in children’s toys and small electronic devices. Considering the safety of children, we have set up a professional design team. After many R&Ds and experiments, we finally obtain the approval of relevant testing agencies in China, and are allowed as safety packaging to make market promotion.
PERMANENT LEAK-FREE HIGH-END ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY BATTERY — Are you worried about the performance and safety of the coin battery? Are you tired of cheap coin batteries that run out of power for a few days or less? Please use the Beidongli high performance battery pack. We assure you that there will never be leakage, and the unique electrolyte formula can enable your device to work up to two years. High quality CR2032 battery makes your device last longer, which has high quality and costs reason
COIN BATTERY PACK THAT YOU ARE EXCITED TO KEEP BUYING — Beidongli battery pack, CR2032’s can perfectly replace the 3 volt lithium batteries: Maxell CR2032, Energizer E-CR2032BP, Panasonic CR2032, ECR2032BP ECR2032, Duracell DL2032, Duralock 2032, Sony CR2032, GP CR2032,5004LC, BR2032, LM2032, EA2032C, L2032, DJ2032, KL2032, CR2032BH, and CR2032EC.