CR 2032 Button coin watch/calculator battery 3v lithium cell (100)

PK Cell
Price: $29.80

Chemical System:Lithium/Manganese Dioxide(Li/MnO2)

Package quantities: 5pcs/card x 20= 100pcs Totally

Never charge the battery as it is not designed to be rechargeable, may cause leakage or explosion.
Insert battery with its positive and negative terminals properly aligned with the corresponding marks on the equipment.
Never short circuit, heat, incinerate or dismantle the battery.
watch/clock/calculator/computer/memory card/chips/toys/patry lights /electronic weigher/lockbattery
Nominal Capacity 210mAh
3 years shelf life
Recommended Continuous Drain :3(mA);  Recommended Pulse Drain :20(mA);