CR2032 Sony Lithium 3V Battery 50 Pcs

Price: $16.64 - $16.28

When looking for a large quantity of CR2032 lithium batteries at a low cost, these Sony CR2032 lithium batteries are a remarkable value, considering their quality. The lithium, button-cell batteries are ideal for watches, small electronics and medical devices. Although the batteries are designed small, the Sony button-cell battery’s lithium technology features 3v and a 220 mAh nominal capacity, which makes them longer lasting than comparable silver-oxide batteries.

Battery Size: Button / Coin Cell
Battery Capacity: 220mAh
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Primary
Battery Voltage: 3.0V
Battery Terminal Type: Flat Top
Battery Shelf Life: 10 Years
Brand: SonyCR2032 Coin Type Lithium Batteries
Conveniently Packed
Freshly packed by Sony for Long Shelf Life
Genuine Sony