Evergreen CR2032 Lithium 3V Coin Cell Battery DL2032 KL2032 L14

Evergreen CR2032 Lithium 3V Coin Cell BatteryCR2032 lithium button cells are commonly used in car security (car alarm/keyfob batteries), organizer (backup battery for PDA such as Psion etc), glucometer, camera, electric thermometer, calculator, computer equipment (memory backup battery, and motherboard clock backup for examples), toys, communication equipment, PDA mem-backup, toll pass, medical devices, electronic watches/clocks, card radios, data pack for video camera.Quantity discounts available! Only the freshest date codes shipped!/strong>Specifications:Output Voltage: 3VAmperage: 200mAhChemistry: LithiumBattery Size: CR2032Height: 3.2″Diameter: 20.0″Also known as: DL2032, BR2032, KL2032, L2032, ECR2032, 5004LC, KCR2032, E-CR2032, KECR2032, SB-T15, L14SpecificationsBrand: Evergreen   Output Voltage: 3V   Amperage: 200mAh   Chemistry: Lithium   Battery Size: CR2032   Height: 3.2″   Diameter: 20.0″CompatibilityDuracell: DL2032   Energizer: ECR2032, ECR2032/100, ECR2032/5   Exell: CR2032, CR2032_100, CR2032_20   Kodak: KCR2032, KCR2032/BOX   Maxell: MCR2032, MCR2032-100, MCR2032-25   Panasonic: C3986, PCR2032, PCR2032/BOX   Royovac: KECR2032   Sportdog: COMP-32, DELUXE BIG DOG REMOTE TRAINER COLLAR, DELUXE LITTLE DOG REMOTE TRAINER COLLAR, PST-105 COLLAR, PST-105S COLLAR, RFA-35   Ultralast: UL2032, UL2032/100   Varta: VCR2032, VCR2032/BOX   Vinnic: VNC2032, VNC2032/400, VNC2032/4000  

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