Pack Of 5 Maxell CR2032 Lithium 3V Battery Button Cell Button Coin Cr New Save

Price: $10.92 - $6.34

Brand New 5-Pack Maxell CR2032 Lithium Batteries.
Voltage: 3V
Capacity: 220mAh
Discharge Current 0.2mA
Dimensions: 20 mm Diam. x 3.2mm H

Equivalent Batteries:
Energizer (Eveready) ECR2032
Duracell DL2032
Rayovac CR2032
Varta CR2032
Renata CR2032
Bulova CR2032
Seiko SB-T51
IEC CR2032

Use them for:
Calculators, timepieces, medical instruments, cameras, office equipment, backup power for memory ICs and RTC, electronic instruments, car keyless entry, PC boards, PC motherboard clock battery and more!

Sealed in original package.