Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Fundraising Goes Corporate with Ford and Energizer

October is a month of awareness for Breast Cancer; it allows us to reflect on all those affected by this very personal disease. Breast cancer does not discriminate; women and men alike are equal victims. Breast cancer hits home with each of us; statistics reflect that we all have all had either a family member, friend or colleague became diagnosed with breast cancer.

The past 10 years have been successful in promoting the cause and foundations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This quickly growing foundation has created events like Race for the Cure and Cancer Walks across the country to raise funds to promote continued research and support for fighting breast cancer.

It appears as these fundraising efforts have sparked the interest of various Fortune 100 companies like Ford and Energizer. Ford has created "Warriors in Pink" that highlights their commitment and desire to increase breast cancer awareness this month. The American car company created a limited addition Pink Mustang and proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Other companies like Energizer have also jumped into show their support. Energizer's Power to Keep Going® campaign promotes awareness through cute down loadable desktop themes. More importantly, Energizer created ReTreat, a mobile mini spa designed to give breast cancer patients, survivors and caregivers the Power to Keep Going® with a chance to Relax, Recharge and Remain Strong. The companies pink batteries will be on shelves in Target stores the entire month of October.

As awareness continues and the funds from such corporate fundraising efforts increase, I hope we will see further strides in the research and fight against breast cancer.

Source by Melissa Gallagher

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