Energy Drink – Is It a Real Energizer?

People often rely on food, drink and medicines to increase the level of energy or stamina in body. Studying at night to do well in exams next day or working overnight to prepare presentation for office meeting- for all reasons, energy drinks have become a quick means to revitalize body. Available in various flavors, many youngsters prefer to have them for to give fast relief to body and mind.

Any energy drink contains stimulants and minerals that help in replenishment of lost energy while on work. When four or five gulps flow down the throat, there is fast recharge of energy. Stimulants like caffeine, minerals like calcium and phosphorus and vitamins with added amounts of sugar and herbs make it a rich combination drink.

One of the effective stimulants used is caffeine which is at least three times more than what is used in cola or a regular cup of coffee or tea. Glucose is used as a sweetener to increase the level of energy and reduce tiredness. Few brands often use ginseng as stimulant.

However, such drinks have now become a source of addiction like narcotics. Even on small loss of stamina, people have made them a part of their diet. Having excess cans of energy drinks can cause multiple health problems. Nervousness, irritation, dyspepsia, abnormal heart beats and excessive urination along with convulsions can make a man a complete slave of medicines.

A mixture of alcohol and drinks can either cause severe depression or sever dehydration. In young kids, these drinks may cause nausea, vomiting and restlessness. Young kids and children are prohibited from drinking because of its stimulant nature. Elders and people having history of enzymes or kidney problems should also stay away from it. The people suffering from heart ailments, hypertension, diabetes and obesity are also advised against having it.

It is also important to use branded drinks only as far as possible. There have been cases where local or country made drinks have proved disaster to human body. Such drinks often contain contaminants and low quality ingredients that damage the internal structure of human body.

Energy drinks are often believed to be easy way out for freeing body from exhaustion. Making excessive use of drinks is very harmful as it's likely that they disturb the natural tolerance level of human body. The level of sustaining any type of mental or physical stress gets reduced making user more lethargic. For rejuvenation, a gulp becomes a necessity.

Source by Neerja R Mehta

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