FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter Review And First Impressions

The FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose meter creates a very good first impression. It looks stylish and sleek, yet it still feels solid enough to stand up to the rigors of modern everyday life.

In terms of size, it's a svelte little beauty, easily fits into the pocket or handbag, without falling into the trap of being so small that it becomes difficult to use.

The meter requires just 0.3 microlitres of blood for the test. As sample sizes go, this is tiny, making the whole process that bit quicker and easier. Having collected the sample, you simply insert the test strip into the meter. This is not difficult, and in no time at all, the meter has calculated the reading and displayed it in large figures, making it easy to read without having to reach for your specs. To be clear, the display is 19mm by 24mm, and the reading is given in 10mm tall digits. There's no need to struggle in low light either, as there's a back light for the display and a port light so you can see where to insert the strip.

The lancet is contained in a clever little device that allows you to choose the depth to which it penetrates your skin. So there's no need to worry about unsightly bruising and this great feature puts you in control. Should you not wish to use your finger as the sample site, you can take the blood from elsewhere, such as your forearm, hand or even your calf.

Power for the meter is provided by a CR2032 battery, available in supermarkets, drug stores, or on our online website. You do not need to worry about the battery running down unnecessarily as the meter switches itself on and off automatically. When a test strip is inserted it switches on. When you have finished your blood glucose testing, just remove the strip, and the meter switches itself back off again.

It is of course, easy to forget about things when you're busy working or chasing around after the kids. To help you with this, the meter allows you to set up to four reminder alarms. Just make sure you know the difference between your FreeStyle Lite alarm, and the ring tone on your cell phone.

The readings from the meter can be uploaded to a free data management system. This can then be used to analyze your results over a period of time, which could be useful in spotting trends in your results. For example, what happened to the readings when you removed certain foods from your diet? Or, what happened to the readings when you adjusted your exercise regime from a few, hour long sessions per week, to more regular short sessions every day?

The FreeStyle Lite Meter is a great marriage of stylish design, and practical features. Youngsters will see it as cool, while the old timers amongstst us will feel assured by the sense of quality it exudes. If you need a blood glucose meter, you might as well get one that will last and looks good.

Source by Daniel Mcfee

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