Getting Rid of Whatever-Itis

Remember when this expression was all the rage. “What..Ever”! Well, I’ve been working with a lot of really wonderful, successful and interesting people lately but many of them use a tone of voice that I have dubbed “Whatevering…”

It’s a tone that sounds like the speaker is bored out of their mind with what they are saying and is sure that what they are saying will bore the listener. Guess what? It usually does. It’s hard to describe the tone but you know it when you hear it. There’s a certain consistent rhythm to each sentence and it usually starts at a low pitch, hits one or two high pitches in the middle then drops to a very low pitch and low volume at the end.

Sometimes Whatevering is mixed with Upspeaking – that contagious habit of talking as though everything were a question? Using both Whatevering and Upspeaking creates a combination of boredom and lack of confidence.

Many times, the information we spit out in a Whatevering tone, is information about who we are and what we do. I can not tell you how many people talk about their job as if it was the most hum drum thing in the world.

There are many reasons people fall into this pattern and many ways they can rid themselves of it. One of the surest ways to rid yourself of Upspeaking is to value what it is you have to say. Many of us assume that what we have to say is not important. That the information we have to impart is just a necessary evil or means to an end.

Next time you’re in a conversation:

Instead of thinking about your job description or other information as a burden, think of it as a gift. If you are engaging someone in conversation or presenting them with information, think about what it is that you are sharing with your listener(s), have confidence that what you are sharing has value. Concentrate on how what you are sharing will impact the listener’s life. This will not only energize your voice, but it will energize everything else about you so that you look forward to all your communication.

No matter what it is that you have to communicate, you can discover the value in it. Give it generously and enthusiastically like you would any valuable gift and I guarantee you that your voice will begin to communicate that value and “whatevering” will be a thing of the past.

Source by Robyn Hatcher

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