Hide Your Mini Scale With One That Looks Like an iPhone

The iPhone pocket scale has the capacity to weigh up to 650 grams at a time. The scale supports four weighing methods including grams (g), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), and deadweight tonnage (dwt). With these four weighing items, you do not have to calculate things like silver or gold, you can weigh them using their native weights. The iPhone mini scale is suitable for the measurement of spices, herbs, gold, silver, diamonds and any small object you can think of!

The scale can be used to weight the tiniest objects – as small as 0.1 grams without bouncing up and down between the figures. The very accurate result of the objects weight is displayed on the awesome LCD digital display. The display is designed to be read in any number of lighting conditions including darkness or daytime. Typically items such as fine jewelry (gold and silver), or herbs and spices for recipes. This scale measures troy ounces which is the method for weighing gold items.

The high quality box of the iPhone pocket scale has a similar appearance with the real iPhone box. The box of the scale is similar with the real iPhone in terms of the size, dimension, weight and color scheme, and most people will not even be able to tell it's a fake. The secret stash box offers the scale an added method of confidentiality because people will think it's just a brand new iPhone in the box.

The silver, stainless steel case of the scale can be flipped over and use as a weighing pan for larger items that need to be weighed. The tare functions automatically resets the scale to zero weight when the cover is placed on top to act as a cup so you can use it to hold things that tend to fall off the scale like powers or herbs.

The iPhone Pocket Scale has a comprehensive auto power off function which automatically shut the scale off when it is idle for one minute of time. The dimension of the scale is 115 x 60 x 14mm which is exactly the size of the iPhone. The iPhone Pocket Scale is powered by 1 CR2032 battery which is included in the package. The iPhone scale is built upon a platform with the dimension of 68 x 50mm. The weight of the iPhone pocket scale is 110g – similar to the that of the real phone.

Source by Alexander Bailey

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