How Often Could You Use A Quick Mental Energizer?

How To Invigorate Yourself With Basil Oil!

The Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil of Basil is a wonderful oil to have in your natural healing medicine cabinet. It is invigorating to body and spirit and can ease fatigue and encourage alertness.

If you think about the smell of fresh basil, just the thought probably brings a smile to your face. The aroma of fresh pesto or basil in tomato sauce is the smell of summer, and inhaling basil therapeutic-grade essential oil is like getting a face full of summer sunshine on even the dreariest day.

It's the smell we most often think of when we think of basil, and the interesting thing is, Therapeutic-Grade Basil Essential Oil can actually improve our sense of smell. Inhaling basil oil when used in a diffuser or added to bath water can ease headaches and migraines, improve concentration and clear the mind.

It can also be used in a bath to ease menstrual symptoms, muscle pains, arthritis and gout. Basil therapeutic-grade essential oil is a good general tonic for calming the nerves, easing the effects of tension on the body and reducing mental strain.

In addition, it is useful for respiratory problems and can help heal acne and insect bites when applied directly to the skin. It is thought to be particularly helpful in healing mosquito bites. Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil of Basil can be irritating to the skin, so always dilute in a carrier oil such as olive oil, especially when applying to sensitive areas like the face.

To use Therapeutic-Grade Essential Basil Oil to eliminate fatigue, first inhale the scent of the oil, then apply to the crown of the head, the forehead, the heart area and the navel. These specific areas are targeted because they are the conduits for energy flow through the body. Clearing these channels helps you feel more alert, less run down and better able to meet the day.

For treating acne and insect bites, apply diluted oil directly to the site of irritation. To improve the sense of smell, apply to the nose. Basil Oil can also be used in a diffuser or vaporizer, added to a bath or massage oil, or taken internally to help with nausea, constipation, cramping or menstrual problems. A drop of the therapeutic grade-essential oil should always be diluted in four ounces of rice or soy milk, water or other liquid before taking it internally.

Basil Oil should not be used by individuals considering to be epileptics, pregnant women, or on infants or young children . Otherwise it is an effective treatment to clear your mind, lift your spirits and invigorate you to meet the challenges of your day.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after the use of the therapeutic-grade essential oils, and avoid contact with your eyes.

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