Panasonic Exhaust Fans – Good Or Bad?

Panasonic exhaust fans have started to capture a significant portion of the exhaust fan market. Is it purely an accident? Is it a result of aggressive advertising and marketing? Or is it that people really like these fans and hence recommend them to others? This article digs deeper and finds out the reality.

Fans are evaluated on the grounds of their ability to quickly replace stale and stinky air by fresh outdoor air. They are also evaluated in terms of the noise that they end up generating in the process of ventilating the air and the power that they consume. And of course, some of the fans have other features that people welcome. Looks are subjective, but good-looking models carry the inherent bonus of adding looks to your setup.

The critical question now is that how do Panasonic fans fare in each of these respects? Let's evaluate the factors one by one, and then we would sum up the results to understand if these fans are really worthy. And we will begin with the most important of all aspects when it comes to an exhaust fan – the capacity to circulate and ventilate air.

Panasonic exhaust fans are above average when it comes to air circulation and ventilation. The largest plus point of these fans is the presence of parallel ducts. One of the ducts works as the outlet for the stale and stinky air inside your bathroom, kitchen or whichever other place you want to clean up. The other duct acts as the inlet for fresh air. While running, the fan would simultaneously remove stale air and inject fresh air. This would result in continuous ventilation, which means you will always get the required level of freshness in the room or bathroom.

With the basic functionality of air ventilation and circulation in place, a Panasonic fan meets the core requirement of a good ventilation fan. The next aspect to consider is the noise. You would not want to keep hearing a humming noise day in and day out as your fan keeps running. Panasonic emerges as a clear winner here too with an ultra-low noise motor that can be termed as silent for all practical purposes.

Panasonic ventilation fans are designed to save power. So even if you keep running the fan for long durations of time, you'll see a very reasonable rise in your power bills rather than an abnormal increase. These fans stand superior compared to almost all other exhaust fans when it comes to power consumption. Some models also have additional features such as lights, night lights, heaters and sensors inbuilt.

In terms of looks, Panasonic has a number of good-looking models to select from. There are other manufacturers too with good-looking model and there is no clear winner in this front, so it becomes more a matter of subjective choice.

Clearly, Panasonic exhaust fans are good in their own rights and do deserve the market share that they have been accumulating of late.

Source by Neil Stigall

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