Product Review for the Panasonic TC-L4E50 HDTV

The Panasonic TC-L42E50 is a full HD LED HDTV that comes in at 42 inches diagonal. It has a 360 backlight scan, with VIERA remote app support and VIERA connect, which means it is Wi-Fi ready.

The saturation, brightness, contrast and color sharpness of the Panasonic TC-L42E50 are of an extraordinary vividness. Colors have hardly any interference. The 24p cinema smoother adds an average of 24 extra frames per second to compensate for the standard ratio. The newly created frames give first-release movies their original flow and structure.

The viewing angle of the TV is superb, with a contrast ratio of 10:01 or better. Thus motion images are much smoother.

Recent consumer reviews indicate that the sound system is good, but not outstanding. Panasonic is working on enhancements as this blog goes to press.

You can now use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control with the VIERA remote app on the Panasonic TC-L42E50. Flick-based and tap commands are completely intuitive. Keyboard operation is standard, and the VIERA remote app works as a gamepad as well. The operation is free point. The touch screen functions as a touch pad. For the Panasonic TC L42E50 it should be noted that gamepad operations can only be used for games downloaded from the VIERA Connect Market to SD card.

This HDTV has Media Flick for photos, movies, and music on VIERA and smartphone.

The Panasonic TC L42E50 has been rated ‘user-friendly’. Customer support is open 24/7, but on weekends the wait for an automated response has been rated ‘tedious’. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about connecting your peripheral devices and operating methods are explained with the use of movies. A video guide is available through VIERA Connect.

While the issue of sound quality is being discussed among consumers, with the consensus being that the sound quality of the Panasonic TC L42E50 is good, but not outstanding, all other essential qualifications and apps are listed as ‘excellent’ by consumer surveys.

VIERA Connect is an Internet service for televisions, including the Panasonic TC L42E50, based on the latest cloud server technology. This will include Video on Demand (VOD), catch-up TV, games, and educational content, including a range of technical tutorials. The Panasonic TC L42E50 comes with a wireless LAN adapter. Place of the unit is completely flexible, since there are no cords or cables for Internet to worry about. (You do need to have a wireless LAN environment to use the wireless LAN adaptor.)

Network connection is simple, with a DLNA compatible VIERA venue. Game mode on VIERA, which comes with your Panasonic TC L42E50 present all the games on VIERA Connect in bright, lucid colors, even the dark scenes in dungeons and so on.

You can use either an SD card or USB memory stick to review photos, videos, and allow you to create slide shows. VIERA Link allows you to control all apps on your HDTV with just one remote appliance.


Source by Jeff Ashby

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