Review Of The Sharp AN3DG10S 3D Glasses

Sharp recently unveiled its new 3D glasses, and it appears they thought of everything. The Sharp AN3DG10S 3D glasses uses active shutter technology to interpret signals wirelessly transmitted from your 3D TV. While these innovative Sharp 3D glasses have up to 75 hours of continuous operation, an automatic shut-off feature activates if a signal is not detected for about three to five minutes, saving precious battery power. In addition, the glasses fit the large or small person with interchangeable nose pads, so a special set is not needed for the little ones. Sharp also offers the ability to switch back and forth from 3D to 2D, so that the non-3D viewer watches the same film in the same room.

The Sharp AN3DG10S glasses offer stability and comfort, as well as a quality product. The weight of the glasses at 3.2 ounces has been compared to other manufacturers of 3D glasses, with Sharp outweighing most. While the weight looks insignificant, it provides for a more solid product, one not so easily damaged.

Product Features

* Liquid crystal shutter lens
* Auto shut-off feature
* 3D to 2D mode conversion button


* Life: 75 hours of continuous use
* Type: CR2032

Included Items

* 2 types of nose pads designed to fit adults and children
* Dedicated glasses band for a perfect fit
* Particularly designed case and cleaning cloth
* Extra battery
* One-year warranty covering defects in material or workmanship

After reviewing 3D glasses of other manufacturers, the Sharp AN3DG10S certainly provides more bang for the buck. With the inclusion of such items as a carrying case and an extra battery, the consumer stands to gain a more complete package than offered by Sharps competitors. The unique set of features presented by Sharp promises a greater enhancement to the 3D experience.

Source by Erick Leamy

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