What Kind of Car Will You Buy In The Future?

Interestingly enough, starting the third quarter of 2012 the retail sales numbers came in for the second quarter, and it turns out that although retail sales did not show much gain or promise, car sales had a slight uptick, and that is quite good for the American workers, and sometimes a good sign that we can get our economy firing on all cylinders again future. The question is though, what kind of car would you buy if you were buying a brand-new car right now? Let's talk about this for a second shall we?

When owners of hybrids were asked if they would ever buy another one, only 33% stated that they would. Even owners of the Toyota Prius, who are quite loyal in every regard fail within the same percentages. Of course, those are today's figures, what about tomorrow's? Elon Musk of Tesla stated that by 2032, 50% of the cars made will be electric. Hard to say, it is one possible future even if I am not so sure I'm making such a prediction of that type.

Could it be that there is an electric car your future? Will the price of fuel continue to rise up through 2032 as this prediction seems to believe? In 2032 who knows maybe we will be driving hydrogen cell vehicles for all we know, that science is coming along, as well as the special materials needed to make it all happen. Predicting that everyone will be driving an electric car, or at least half of us is a pretty wild prediction. Of course, people like Elon Musk are able to predict the future more often than not, as they are the ones making it happen – that is to say – they are creating the future.

Therefore, if Tesla Motor Car Company can sell millions of cars each year, their success alone will spur on competition, therefore it could actually happen. Indeed, first we need better battery technology, but sure that will all be available by then, along with lighter weight materials so the cars can go further between charges. Is it possible? It could be possible, and someone has to start with the vision, and convince you the consumer that it makes sense for you to buy an automobile that runs on electricity.

Of course, I do not know you, but personally you might look good in an electric car, and if I can get one for the same price as a regular car, I might just be driving alongside of you in my autonomous vehicle running on electricity. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

Source by Lance Winslow

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